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Knights Province

Knights Province is intended to be an old-school RTS game. Unlike many modern RTS games, which are fast-paced and often are more about tactics, KP planned to emphasize on “strategy” component. Slower-paced gameplay, base-building, resources collection and processing, in-depth strategic choices, variety of resources and units, attention to details.


Knights Province is developed in Delphi (Object Pascal) from scratch. Graphics is written against OpenGL ES2.0 specs. Main target platform is desktop Windows. Yet untested, but should also work fine with Wine on Linux and MacOS platforms. The code is compatible and runs on Android as well, although GUI and controls are not properly rigged. Multiplayer will be using Overbyte ICS. Sound effects are OpenAL.


The game is in ongoing development. New Alphas come out roughly every half a year.

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, indie, Medieval, Real time strategy
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Community, Patreon


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Knights Province (Alpha 11.2 r9173) Installer.exe 207 MB
kp2020-09-14 (Alpha 11.2 r9173).7z 204 MB

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Hey everyone! Hope you are all well! I have released a part 7 of my series on this amazing strategy game.

In this part I play a new campaign map and try to see if we can defeat the two bad ass invaders.  

Thank you to all for supporting my videos and also this amazing game! 



Hello everyone!

Man were definitely stuck on this level. I am taking advice please let me know what you did to get past this map lol. I am having a blast with the game its a lot of fun so please support this game and their devs. 

Thank you for checking my videos in the past and for spreading the word about this game! 



Hello everyone!

Hope you are all well. I am playing the new mission Army and I am getting pretty salty lol. I am really having fun with this game although I am really having difficulty in this part of the game. Any suggestions welcomed. Thank you for supporting this awesome game!


Hello everyone and welcome to another video where we take on the next mission of this introduction campaign. We are fighting back! Clubs in hands they shall not take us, prisoners, like they have our friends from across the river :).
I had fun with this part and maybe I did some good discovering a bug or maybe not.
IN any case, early alpha so plenty of work to be done on this game but I love it so much, and its great fun. If you tried the game for yourselves please let me know.
Links in the description of the video how to support the game if you wish.
See you all at the next one!

Hello everyone and welcome to build 11! If you want to try the build for yourselves do join the amazing conversation on discord! Also try and check out the links in the bio of the YT video where you can try the game besides in here and also if you want to support the game further. As always amazing development really enjoying the additions and cant wait to see more! Thank you for watching!



Hello everyone!

An amazing game really looking forward to more updates its been 5 months since my last video and you have all made it an amazing success for a very small channel like my own. So thank you!

I don't normally do these kinds of things but with everything going on I have decided to launch a fundraiser for people affected by COVID 19 in Scotland where I live. If you can please donate and help reach the target which is almost done of 50£. Social Bite is an organisation normally helping to tackle homelessness but in these circumstances, more and more people are financially affected by COVID 19 and now they are providing over 100 k food packages for people affected in Scotland and becoming financially vulnerable.

Please check the link of the fundraiser in the description of the YouTube video and thank you.


PS- devs where that new update? :) 

Happy to see 2nd part! Thanks for sharing =)

Thank you for making an amazing game. When. Is .11 coming out ? :) no pressure just so I know :p 

Keep up the great work!!

Hopefully in May


Hello everyone!

 I couldnt wait to pick up this game again and see what improvements it has also what it is got to offer. I had a lot of fun with the first missions still room for a lot of improvement but look forward to see what else will have to bring to the strategy genre.

Hope you like the video!


Thank you to anyone who came from here to watch my video appreciate it and hope you tried the game as well to support it leave a comment here or on the video for feedback so that the indie game devs can continue to improve the game :) Thank you for supporting great indie games.

Knights & Merchants revitalized. But still can't pretend to do it from scratch u just used everything that was on Knights & Merchants with better graphics, I don't know if I wanna insult you or wish you good luck to improve this.

Thanks for good luck wishes. The work goes on!

I mean, it's the same guys that did KaM remake. The only thing that remains is a partial game design. In my book that's from scratch. Heck they didn't even use a game engine and 80% of the code goes there.

I miss Knights and Merchants as well. It sure was beautiful. Thanks a lot Dev. Whoever you are.

This game is really nice!


Can't wait to play the game!