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Knights Province

Knights Province is intended to be an old-school RTS game. Unlike many modern RTS games, which are fast-paced and often are more about tactics, KP planned to emphasize on “strategy” component. Slower-paced gameplay, base-building, resources collection and processing, in-depth strategic choices, variety of resources and units, attention to details.


Knights Province is developed in Delphi (Object Pascal) from scratch. Graphics is written against OpenGL ES2.0 specs. Main target platform is desktop Windows. Yet untested, but should also work fine with Wine on Linux and MacOS platforms. The code is compatible and runs on Android as well, although GUI and controls are not properly rigged. Multiplayer will be using Overbyte ICS. Sound effects are OpenAL.


The game is in ongoing development. New Alphas come out roughly every half a year.


Knights Province (Alpha 10.1 r7255) Installer.exe 155 MB
kp2019-03-08 (Alpha 10.1 r7255).7z 153 MB

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Hello everyone!

 I couldnt wait to pick up this game again and see what improvements it has also what it is got to offer. I had a lot of fun with the first missions still room for a lot of improvement but look forward to see what else will have to bring to the strategy genre.

Hope you like the video!


Thank you to anyone who came from here to watch my video appreciate it and hope you tried the game as well to support it leave a comment here or on the video for feedback so that the indie game devs can continue to improve the game :) Thank you for supporting great indie games.

Knights & Merchants revitalized. But still can't pretend to do it from scratch u just used everything that was on Knights & Merchants with better graphics, I don't know if I wanna insult you or wish you good luck to improve this.

Thanks for good luck wishes. The work goes on!

I miss Knights and Merchants as well. It sure was beautiful. Thanks a lot Dev. Whoever you are.

This game is really nice!


Can't wait to play the game!