Alpha 10.1

Alpha 10.1 r7255 contains following bugfixes against Alpha 10:

+ Fixed mission save warning message text in MapEd being clipped (and having duplicate lines)
+ Fixed repeating objects near borders when resizing a map
+ Fixed popup message shown when replays has ended
+ Fixed crash on selecting dying unit
+ Autosaved savegames should not go to the Recycle Bin
+ Fixed wares render in houses
+ Fixed changing of groups and units position in MapEd using RMB
+ Fixed Blanks dying inside Cottages without ever going to Tavern to eat
+ Fixed removal of Coalmaker's smoke emitter after destroying the house


Knights Province (Alpha 10.1 r7255) Installer.exe 155 MB
Mar 08, 2019
kp2019-03-08 (Alpha 10.1 r7255).7z 153 MB
Mar 08, 2019

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